• Baimukanov Dastanbek Asylbekovich
  • Abugaliyev Serimbek Kurmanbaiuly
  • Seidaliyev Nurzhan Beskempirovich
  • Chindaliyev Askhat Erbosynovich
  • Dalibayev Ermek Kurmanbaevich
  • Zhamalov Bakbergen Seydakhanuly
  • Muka Shynar Bakytkyzy

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selection, selection, assortment, breeding value of cows, linear estimation of the exterior, milk yield, milk composition.


With a linear estimation of the physique of first-calf heifers, it is established that in cows of domestic
breeds, the parameters correspond to the optimal points of the species and the indicators of the extremities, but the
parameters of the udder differ sharply. All the data on productive and exteriors were entered into the program of the
Information and Analytical System (IAS), where the estimated breeding value of the studied cows was automatically
calculated. The average estimated breeding value (EBV) for all breeds was 81.4. Among all breeds, the highest EBV
level was determined in Holstein cows (84.3) of imported selection.
The average milk yield of the studied herds per 1 cow was 5300± 30 kg of milk, with a mass fraction of fat of
3.74±0.02%, the mass fraction of protein of 3.16±0.01%, with a content of 324.7±23.8 thous. of somatic cells. The
most productive were the cows of the Holstein breed, their productivity over the Alatau breed was 694 kg (P>0.99),
over the black-and-motley breed it was1446 kg (P>0.999), over the Simmental breed it was 1982 kg (P>0.999), over
the red steppe - 2038 kg (P>0.999), no significant difference was found in the content of fat and protein of cow.
Somatic cells were within normal limits. When studying the dynamics of milk yields according to lactation, it is
established that the milk productivity of the Alatau breed is characterized by growth (4844... 5679... 5458 kg) by the
second-third lactation and gradual decrease (4716... 4017 kg) by the fifth. On average, for all lactations, cows of this
breed brought 5123±275.4 kg. The dairy productivity of Holstein cows is increased by the fifth lactation, without
recessions. On average, for cows of black and motley breed for all lactations, the milk yield was 4671±190 kg. Dynamics of milk yield of the Simmental breed increases from the first to the second lactation (3917... 4035 kg), in the
third it decreases (4035... 3334 kg), from the fourth to the sixth lactation the sequence increases.


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Baimukanov Dastanbek Asylbekovich, Abugaliyev Serimbek Kurmanbaiuly, Seidaliyev Nurzhan Beskempirovich, Chindaliyev Askhat Erbosynovich, Dalibayev Ermek Kurmanbaevich, Zhamalov Bakbergen Seydakhanuly, & Muka Shynar Bakytkyzy. (2019). PRODUCTIVITY AND ESTIMATED BREEDING VALUE OF THE DAIRY CATTLE GENE POOL IN THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (2), 14–27. извлечено от

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