• Shamshidin Alzhan Smailuly
  • Kharzhau Ainur
  • Baimukanov Dastanbek Asylbekovich
  • Sermyagin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

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genetic potential, genetic progress, breeding value, genomic assessment, microsatellites, DNA profile.


Modern methods of cattle breeding provide for active use of new breeding programs. The introduction of molecular-genetic studies predetermines the prospects for the use of DNA microsatellites (STR-loci). These
microsatellites are widely used for studying the allele pool of farm animals. Based on the above-mentioned, the aim
of the research was to study the genetic structure and analysis of the degree of genetic differentiation of cattle breeds
in the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on molecular genetic information.As a biological material for research, the
semen of bulls was used. The paper presents research materials of DNA profiles on 11 microsatellite loci of dairy
(Holstein, Black-and-white, Aulie-Ata), combined (Alatau) and meat (Auliekol, Kazakh whiteheaded) breeds.
The microsatellite profile of animals was represented by the following loci: BM1824, ETH225, INRA23,
BM2113, SPS115, ETH10, TGLA122, TGLA126, TGLA227, ETH3, TGLA53, included in the recommended panel
ICAR and ISAG. The genetic pattern of populations was analyzed according to F-statistics. Genetic identity indicators were calculated according to Nei. Populations' heterozygosity was determined according to the Wright's fixation
index. The differences in breeds in the direction of productivity were analyzed by the share of variations of microsatellite loci. As a result of research, it was found that the implementation of molecular genetic methods in the
selection of farm animals will significantly increase the development potential of cattle breeding resources available
in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Shamshidin Alzhan Smailuly, Kharzhau Ainur, Baimukanov Dastanbek Asylbekovich, & Sermyagin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. (2019). MOLECULAR GENETIC PROFILE OF KAZAKHSTAN POPULATIONS OF CATTLE BREEDS. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (6), 154–162. извлечено от

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