• Naguman P.N.
  • Zhorabek A.A.
  • Takibayeva A.T.
  • Kulakov I.V.
  • Akimbekova B.B.
  • Iskakova Venera

Ключевые слова:

humates, coal oxidation, alkali solutions, brown coal, NaOH, qualitative and quantitative composition.


During last decades the problems of increasing the soil fertility, usage of organic additives to increase
the crops yield is becoming more and more relevant. One kind of such additives are humates - sodium and potassium
salts of humic acids. Humates and humic acids – chemical basis of soil humus, it’s concentrate. And humus – is a
basis of activity and stability of the most biochemical soil processes. Raw materials for the production of sodium
humates are easily obtainable - these are brown coals, peat, oxidized hard coal, a production technology is complex
with low production costs. Especially relevant for the production of humates is the use of oxidized coal. Oxidized
coals have a wide range of macro- and microelements, a large number of humic acids, which are similar in
composition to soil. The coal oxidized in the seams is practically not used in the national economy and goes to
dumps together with overburden. The proposed method allows to improve the cost of the finished product. A method
of producing humate by oxidation of coal is known. To study the costs of humic acids, as well as to study the
qualitative and quantitative composition of humic acids, alkaline solutions of various concentrations were used.
Tasks set during the study: a review of the scientific literature on the properties of HA, their composition and method
of production; a technique was developed for conducting an experiment on the effect of alkali concentration,
temperature and extraction time on the degree of extraction of HA from the coals of Central Kazakhstan; the
regression equations were obtained during mathematical processing of the experimental results, which made it
possible to establish the influence of each of these factors on the output of HA; Qualitative and quantitative
composition of HA obtained by extraction with alkali of various concentrations was carried out.