• Jeхenov M.K.
  • Ismagilov F.R.
  • Akhmetov S.M.
  • Diarov M.
  • Bektay Y.K.

Ключевые слова:

flare plant, oil refining, waste gases, hydrogen sulfide, gas purification, gas compression, liquidring compressor, hydrogen utilization, fuel gas.


Modern oil refinery flare does not provide the beneficial use of discharged hydrocarbon gases and
vapors, which does not allow to reduce the volume of hydrocarbon gas burned in flare candles and reduce
atmospheric pollution. To ensure a stable and trouble-free operation of the flare plant and to increase the efficiency
of waste gas utilization, their preliminary compression using mechanical or jet compressors and the construction of
gas treatment plants are required. A low-cost method of utilizing hydrogen sulfide-containing refinery gas is
proposed, including two-stage gas compression by a liquid-ring compressor using an alkanolamine aqueous solution
as a working fluid in the first stage of compression, separation of the compressor of first stage compression to
produce desulfurized gas, hydrocarbon condensate and an alkanolamine saturated hydrogen sulfide. In the second
stage, the compression of the desulfurized gas is carried out by a liquid-ring compressor using a hydrocarbon
absorbent as the working fluid, cooling and separation of the compress of the second stage of compression produce
lean gas, water condensate and absorbate. The aqueous condensate is mixed with saturated hydrogen sulfide
alkanolamine absorbent and taken out for regeneration, the hydrocarbon condensate is mixed with the absorbate to
produce BFLH, and the lean gas is subjected to membrane separation to produce hydrogen and fuel gas. Application
of the method can partially cover the needs of refineries in hydrogen by reducing its losses, as well as return gas and
hydrocarbon fractions for processing or to the fuel network of the plant.




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Jeхenov M.K., Ismagilov F.R., Akhmetov S.M., Diarov M., & Bektay Y.K. (2020). UTILIZATION OF HYDROGEN SULFIDE-CONTAINING REFINERY FLARE GASЕS . Известия НАН РК. Серия химии и технологии, (5), 64–70. извлечено от https://journals.nauka-nanrk.kz/chemistry-technology/article/view/509