• Rakhimberlinova Zh.B.
  • Mustafina G.A.
  • Takibayeva A.T.
  • Kulakov I.V.
  • Iskakov A.R.
  • Nazarova O.G.

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:α-aminoacetonitriles, glycolic acid nitrile (glyconitrile), monoethanolamine vinyl ester, acrylamide, polyacrylamide, N,N'- acrylamide nitrile derivatives, copolymers, urea-formaldehyde binder modifiers.


The article presents the results of studying the production of new nitrile-containing monomers by
acylation of unsaturated N- and N,N′ - α-aminoacetonitrile chlorides (meta) acrylic acids using acrylamide. The
initial unsaturated N- and N,N′ - α-aminoacetonitriles were synthesized by interaction of glycolic acid nitrile
(glyconitrile) with amines of various classes. The ability of new monomers to radical (co)polymerization was
studied, namely, the possibility of producing polyacrylamides based on N,N′ nitrile derivatives of (meta) acrylamide
and vinyl ester (N - acetonitrile) monoetholamine (VEEAN) with acrylamide in bulk in the presence of radical
initiators and organic solvents with formation of carbochain polymers. The formation of nitrile-containing
polyacryamides is confirmed by the data of the elemental analysis, viscometry, IR spectroscopy. Viscometric data
[ή] = 0.10 - 0.29 dl/g of polymers indicate low reactivity of the synthesized nitrile acrylamides compared to
acrylamide that is associated with the steric effect of the chain length. The synthesized copolymers were studied as
modifiers of urea-formaldehyde binders (UFB) used to strengthen unstable rocks. The samples strengthened with
UFB solutions without a modifier showed low strength indices for 62 and 77 % concentrations, respectively, while
introduction of nitrile-containing copolymers in the amount of 1-5 % wt. improved strength characteristics of the
samples by 1.2-1.8 times. The good strength results for mine rocks are explained by the increased flexibility and
elasticity of the urea-formaldehyde binder chains with new functional groups responsible for the resin adhesion to the




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Rakhimberlinova Zh.B., Mustafina G.A., Takibayeva A.T., Kulakov I.V., Iskakov A.R., & Nazarova O.G. (2019). SYNTHESIZING NITRILE-CONTAINING GLYCONITRILE (CO) POLYMERS. Известия НАН РК. Серия химических наук, (6), 42–48. извлечено от