ANALYTICAL SOLUTION OF PARTIAL TASKS OF SHEAR WAVE IN A CYLINDRICAL LAYER (in the case of the constant values γ-α + 2 = 0 and α = β)


  • Larissa Kainbaeva
  • Kanibaikyzy Kundyzay
  • Smakhanova Aizhan Korganbekovna
  • Taimuratova Lidiya Ungarbaevna

Ключевые слова:

deformable bodies, shear wave, vibrations, cylindrical shell, rod, viscoelastic medium


The concept of phase velocity is introduced as the rate of change of the phase medium in studies of
shear wave processes of circular elements in deformable bodies. In the case of harmonic oscillations of a cylindrical
shell, the phase velocity is expressed in terms of the frequency of natural vibrations freely supported along the edges
of the shell, and therefore, the study of waves in a cylindrical layer is most directly related to the problem of
determining the natural forms and vibration frequencies of shells of finite length. The results of this work on onedimensional cylindrical waves in elastic and viscoelastic media and rods allow us to study the influence of the
characteristics of the material of the media on the wave fields in the material. The problems of the theory of
viscoelasticity have recently attracted the special attention of many researchers and engineers in connection with the
use of polymer materials in various industries.