• Semenov Vladimir Grigoryevich
  • Ivanova Tatyana Nikolaevna
  • Dzhanabekov Kumiskali Dzhanabekovich
  • Larionov Gennady Anatolyevich
  • Dzhanabekova Gulmira Kumiskalievna

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cows, pregnancy, biological preparations, nonspecific resistance, hematological profile.


The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of various products, many of which are of chemical
origin, the bioavailability of which is low. Besides, previously proposed drugs impact only on certain factors of nonspecific resistance, which does not fully ensure the activation of the body's immune system. With secondary
immunodeficiencies, potentially pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms play a significant role in the
development of the disease, therefore, antibacterial preparations that can have an immunosuppressive effect are used
in the treatment of animals. It is most advisable to prescribe to animals immunostimulants made from natural raw
materials with antibacterial drugs. In the combined use, a double hit is applied to the pathogen: the antibacterial drug
inhibits the functional activity of the pathogen, increasing its sensitivity to phagocytosis, and the immunostimulant
activates the phagocyte, increasing its ability to neutralize the pathogen.
A production method for the prevention of postpartum diseases and the realization of the bioresource potential
of the reproductive qualities of black-and-white cattle by enhancing the nonspecific resistance of the organism of
pregnant cows with a biological product of the Prevention series is proposed. The analysis of the leukocyte blood
profile of pregnant and newly-calved cows is carried out. It was established that the use of biological products in
critical periods of pregnancy of cows in the 1st and 2nd experimental groups reduced the occurrence of obstetric and
gynecological diseases in the postpartum period, and also increased the reproductive qualities of cows. Moreover, the
most pronounced corresponding effect was obtained in the 2nd experimental group, where the Prevention series drug
was used. The production method for activating cellular factors of nonspecific protection and stress resistance of the
organism of black-and-white cattle through the use of a biological product of the Prevention series is proposed.
Against the background of intramuscular administration of biological products in the 1st and 2nd experimental
groups, physiological leukocytosis, moderate neutropenia with a shift of the nucleus to the right, lymphocytosis and
eosinophilia were established, with a more pronounced respective effect of the Prevention series preparation.


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Semenov Vladimir Grigoryevich, Ivanova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Dzhanabekov Kumiskali Dzhanabekovich, Larionov Gennady Anatolyevich, & Dzhanabekova Gulmira Kumiskalievna. (2020). REPRODUCTIVE QUALITIES OF COWS WITH THE APPLICATION OF BIOLOGICAL PREPARATIONS. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (4), 119–128. извлечено от

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