• Kalkabayeva Gaukhar
  • Iskakova Zagira
  • Rakhmetova Aibotа

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insurance companies, investment, investment portfolio, asset diversification standards, regulation of investment activity.


The article presents the results of a study of investment opportunities of insurance companies in
Kazakhstan to Finance the economy. The reasons for the insignificant investment potential of the Kazakh insurance
sector, due to insufficient development of the insurance market, low level of equity of insurance organizations, are
identified. It is necessary to reorient the investment strategy of insurance companies to Finance the national
economy, which will have a positive impact on economic growth. Based on the analysis of the investment portfolio
of insurance companies, it is concluded that there are high risks in the investment sphere, a lack of attractive
investment projects and instruments, a limited list of securities for investment, and strict requirements of the
regulator for financial stability. Combining a group of factors that affect the investment activity of insurance
companies, as well as a SWOT analysis of the investment potential of the insurance sector, allowed us to formulate
certain proposals for further improving the investment strategy of insurance companies, considering the goals of
sustainable development of the financial system of Kazakhstan. The important role of state support for insurance
organizations that make long-term investments in real sector enterprises is determined. The procedure for
determining insurance companies that are actively investing in the innovative sector can be based on the application
of coefficient analysis of investment investments of insurance companies. In addition, it is necessary to review the
standards for the diversification of assets of insurance organizations with the development of unified rules for the
placement of funds of insurance companies that restrict investment in the sphere of the national economy. The
purpose of such regulations is to direct investment resources in the production sector, which must be developed in
specific regions and in a specific time period.


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Kalkabayeva Gaukhar, Iskakova Zagira, & Rakhmetova Aibotа. (2020). INVESTMENT POTENTIAL OF THE INSURANCE SECTOR IN KAZAKHSTAN. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (4), 339–347. извлечено от