• Rakhmonkulova Nilufar Khodzhi-Akbarovna
  • Shakhlo Bakhadirova Babirovna

Ключевые слова:

international legal guarantees, national legal guarantees, general guarantees, universal guarantees, special guarantees, foreign investors, multilateral agreements, bilateral agreements.


The article analyzes international and national guarantee investment activities on the territory of the
Republic of Uzbekistan and discusses the issues of the implementation of the rights and legitimate interests of
foreign investors using legal guarantee obligations in the national legislation of Uzbekistan.
The aim of the study is to study the international mechanism for guaranteeing the repatriation of foreign
investors, a comprehensive analysis of the most important international legal mechanisms in this area.
The scientific novelty of the research is determined by the fact that the raised problem became for the first time
the subject of a special comprehensive study. The author carries out research based on a significant number of
international legal acts in the field of international legal guarantees for investment activities, constituent documents
of intergovernmental organizations-subjects of international law, conducts a comparative analysis of various aspects
of guarantees for investment activities.
The novelty of the article is also enhanced by the fact that the author studies in detail the problems of correlation
between the international legal and national legal mechanisms for guaranteeing investment activity. In the article,
based on the analysis of international legal material, for the first time are investigated:
- the international legal mechanism for guaranteeing investment activities, its constituent elements; the
operation of multilateral and bilateral agreements in this area;
-national legal mechanism for guaranteeing investment activities;
To achieve this goal, taking into account the designated subject of research, the following results were obtained
in the work:
 International legal guarantees have been studied and a legal description to them has been given;
 The main aspects of interaction between the international and national legal mechanism for guaranteeing
investment activity have been identified;


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Rakhmonkulova Nilufar Khodzhi-Akbarovna, & Shakhlo Bakhadirova Babirovna. (2021). INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL LEGAL GUARANTEES FOR INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES IN UZBEKISTAN. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (1), 252–259. извлечено от