• Shoshanov Saken Bakhytzhanovich
  • Makhanov Sagat Sultanbekovich
  • Salykova Leila Nurtleuovna
  • Petr Hajek

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Refined products, petroleum and petrochemical products, petroleum products, sales and exports, production and consumption. the market for oil products, basic products of oil refining, an oil company.


The article presents the main theoretical and methodological approaches to the sale of refined
products. The views of scientists and economists on the sales of refined products and its categories are considered.
Organization schemes of petroleum products sales on domestic and world markets, multilevel marketing system,
routes of product movement (logistics chain of product movement) have been substantiated. The main documents
(futures), risk insurance (hedging), planning the organization of sales of petroleum products, the impact of marketing
programs on the choice of sales channel are considered. The article presents the formation of sales channels for
petroleum products in vertically integrated oil companies. The tasks for timely provision of consumers with
petroleum products have been clarified. The optimal choice of efficient schemes for cargo transportation of refined
products, logistics schemes for their transportation and temporary storage, and rationality of transit forms of delivery
of oil products to consumers are indicated. The main goals of achieving optimal sales systems for petroleum products
by vertically integrated oil companies are revealed. The possibility of having special divisions for the sale and export
of refined products by large oil companies is justified. The analysis of indicators of demand and supply of
petrochemical products on the world markets with the author's positions on the current situation on the world oil
markets in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The analysis and assessment of production and consumption
of basic petroleum products on the domestic markets of Kazakhstan is given. As a separate example, the analysis of
diesel fuel consumption by regions and sectors of the national economy of Kazakhstan was carried out.


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Shoshanov Saken Bakhytzhanovich, Makhanov Sagat Sultanbekovich, Salykova Leila Nurtleuovna, & Petr Hajek. (2021). ORGANIZATION OF REFINED PRODUCTS SALES IN KAZAKHSTAN . Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (1), 194–201. извлечено от