• Omarova Aklima
  • Gafurbekov Tuktasyn
  • Matyzhanov Kenzhehan
  • Kaztuganova Ainur
  • Bakyt Turmagambetova

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archive document, historical fact, author, art, heritage of M.O. Auezov, modernization.


The article is aimed at actualizing the intrinsic value of M.O. Auezov's creative heritage in the
context of real processes of modernization of public consciousness. It presents methodological and theoretical
guidelines for the research which is fundamentally new in terms of its approaches, in which the factor of the existing
and future impact of M.O. Auezov – the subject and creator of culture – on society should be revealed in the
coordinates of the transnational space in all its convincing power and unconditional character. The choice of this
particular format is due to the combination of objective and subjective reasons, relying on the achievements in the
field of humanitarian knowledge and focusing on the historical and theoretical issues of modern art history, that
made it possible to generalize the accumulated material and determine the conceptual foundations and strategy in
ensuring the level of scientific reliability, novelty characteristic of fundamental developments and significance of the
tasks to be solved and the expected results. The dynamics and effectiveness of direct and indirect participation in the
process of intercultural interaction and determination of universal values can be shown based on the analysis of the
selected samples of research, artistic, educational, organizational activities of M.O. Auezov, the coverage of all
forms of influence on the development of art in its species diversity, understanding the re-interpretive practice of
different years (with an emphasis on socially significant results), including art history interpretation of the works of
different genres, created according to the texts of M.O. Auezov or dedicated to his memory. The attraction of new
archival data, experience of foreign reception, reconstruction of "forgotten" facts will deepen the understanding of
the true scale of personal impact on the development of culture in the XX-XXI centuries. Awareness of the
phenomenal productivity of M.O. Auezov in asserting the uniqueness of the heritage and traditions of the Kazakh
people is significant both for a worthy presentation of Kazakhstan at the world level, and for expanding the
"horizons" of enriching the spiritual potential of the nation.


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Omarova Aklima, Gafurbekov Tuktasyn, Matyzhanov Kenzhehan, Kaztuganova Ainur, & Bakyt Turmagambetova. (2021). THE VALUES OF A CULTURE THROUGH TIME . Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (2), 333–339. извлечено от