• Kassymova G. K.
  • Spizhenkova M. A.
  • Gimazov R. M.
  • Bulatova G. A.
  • Kulakova A. A.
  • Arpentieva M. R.

Ключевые слова:

inclusion, disability, dialogue, agency, psychological counseling, education.


In modern and classical pedagogy and psychology, a significant place is given to the problems of
subjectivity (lack of personality) and authenticity ("fictitiousness") of human life: the human personality, relationships, activities and values. The authenticity is a problem of success, harmony of human life, subjective dialogue of a
person with himself and the world (meaningfulness of his being). In dialogue with another in an educational
situation, building an understanding of the world, a person simultaneously develops an understanding of himself. In
educational dialogue with each other, people test, explore, transform, coordinate different parts of their experience
that cannot be studied in other circumstances. The purpose of the research is to analyze the problems of dialogical
competence of a person with disabilities as a phenomenon of readiness and ability to build and develop semantic
relationships with oneself and the world in educational dialogue. The theoretical basis of the research is the analysis
and integration of data from various empirical and theoretical models of understanding a person's dialogical
competence in the context of subjectivity and reliability of his being in pedagogy and psychology. This competence
is a phenomenon of the readiness and ability of a person with disabilities to build and develop relationships with
oneself and with the world. The concept of dialogical competence implies an understanding of the processes and
learning outcomes as a phenomenon aimed at maintaining and developing a harmonious and authentic human
interaction with himself and the world. The study proposes a theoretical model of inclusive education aimed at the
formation and development of the participants' dialogue competence.


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Kassymova G. K., Spizhenkova M. A., Gimazov R. M., Bulatova G. A., Kulakova A. A., & Arpentieva M. R. (2021). DIALOGICAL COMPETENCE OF A PERSON WITH DISABILITIES IN INCLUSIVE EDUCATIONAL DIALOGUE. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (2), 313–321. извлечено от https://journals.nauka-nanrk.kz/bulletin-science/article/view/355

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