• Agumbaeva Asiya Erlikovna
  • Gabdualieva Raushan Smadinovna
  • Tulegenova Ainagul Utegenovna
  • Kurmantayeva Bakhytgul Kurmantayevna
  • Tlessova Zhanat Amangosovna
  • Abuova Zhemis Uzakbaevna


The labor market in Kazakhstan, as it is changing around the world and is probably transforming
beyond recognition in a year. A pandemic dictates its own rules to the labor market: many companies have begun to
cut staff costs, parting even with valuable employees. In conditions of forced self-isolation during the coronavirus
epidemic, for many people, the problem of employment came first. People working in quarantined sectors are left
without means of subsistence and are forced to look for a place in other areas. The decline in quantitative indicators
since the beginning of March is observed in almost all sectors. Previously, it was possible to work for decades by the
same standards, but now approaches to work change several times a year. In conditions when many competencies
quickly become obsolete, “flexible skills” come to the fore - logical and critical thinking, creativity, adaptability to
changes, the ability to build relationships with people and solve complex problems. The pandemic will bring
significant changes to the labor market. According to the authors, self-development and the acquisition of new skills
will be the only trend in the modern labor market. In order to successfully overcome the crisis, it is necessary to
provide affordable financing for business and the public. In the conditions of this kind of crisis, it is necessary to
increase the responsibility and coordination of all state bodies and their orientation towards job creation and
employment. To this end, it is proposed to strengthen the functions of state bodies in facilitating information support
to business in times of crisis. It is also necessary to ensure the complete digitalization of public services and the
provision of high-quality and relevant data on the labor market to the population.


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Agumbaeva Asiya Erlikovna, Gabdualieva Raushan Smadinovna, Tulegenova Ainagul Utegenovna, Kurmantayeva Bakhytgul Kurmantayevna, Tlessova Zhanat Amangosovna, & Abuova Zhemis Uzakbaevna. (2021). LABOR MARKET UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF THE GLOBAL PANDEMIA. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (1), 117–122. извлечено от