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balance, solvency, liquidity, funds, loss, income, asset, liability, service, production, product.


In modern conditions, the issue of liquidity and solvency of the enterprise is very relevant. And
effective management of liquidity and solvency of the enterprise is the allocation of resources that allow you to
convert assets into cash in the short term. In order to increase the efficiency of solvency management, it is necessary
to constantly analyze and objectively assess its level. The solvency of the enterprise is determined to be able to repay
short-term liabilities in a timely manner and continue to operate through current assets. Therefore, the solvency of an
enterprise can be attributed to the fact that the amount of current assets exceeds current liabilities. Identify a system
of financial indicators that affect the solvency of the enterprise and conduct a comprehensive scientific analysis on
the example of the enterprise. During the analysis period, it is possible to identify the factors that affect the loss of
solvency of the enterprise, respectively, to organize countermeasures, as well as to organize an optimal financial
model of the company to increase solvency.
The stability of the company's financial indicators also affects the borrowed capital. If an enterprise has more
financial attractiveness, its capabilities increase. However, there is an increase in its financial risk. Because the
company may threaten the preliminary loss of debts. It is necessary to optimize the inventory of goods intended for
the sale of finished products and control the consumption of material resources of the enterprise in the process of
providing services, manufacturing products and performing work. In the case of timely payment for services
provided by the enterprise (rejection of low-income customers and consumers), it is necessary to develop measures
that ensure the possibility of individual impact on the consumer, depending on his ability to pay.


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