• N. B. Toxanbaeva Kazakh national university named after Al-Farabi, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Z. B. Madaliyeva Kazakh national university named after Al-Farabi, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • L. N. Rogaleva The Ural federal university named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • A. E. Tlebaldina Kazakh national university named after Al-Farabi, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Ключевые слова:

motivational profile, non-monetary motivation, role features of professiogramm.


The research target is to reveal peculiarities of sellers motivational profile.
The research was carried out in “Kego-S” ltd in Almaty city. There have been sellers and founders of “Kego-S”
ltd involved in research. The total volume of choice amounted to fifty people. There have been three men and forty
seven women among them. An average age of tested was 33. To research peculiarities of sellers motivational profile
we applied the following methodic: Motivation profile of Ricci Martin, Psychological typology of leading roles
identification of Meredit Bellbin, Definition of labor motivation type of V.I.Gerchikov, “Constructiveness of Motivation”
methodic of O.P.Eliseyev. The recognition gain from other people is leading, i.e. in people around appreciated
merits, achievements and various means: from oral gratitude to material encouragement that says about the
prevailing factor of non-monetary motivation of the trade personnel. The received arithmetic-mean indicators of
sellers role features in a section of Belbin test results correspond to a standard professiogramm of the seller, implementers
and diplomats on the role qualities correspond to this professional identity. The seller with the prevailing
role of the diplomat, is adjusted on cooperation, a susceptibility, diplomacy and prevention of friction, has a high
need for closer contacts with others for establishment of rules and directives of work performance and for a comfortable
surrounding situation. As the conclusions drawn by results of research, authors state about need of "actions"
system for introduction of not monetary motivation. The main effect reached by means of similar stimulation is an
increase of loyality level and interest of employees in the company.


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N. B. Toxanbaeva, Z. B. Madaliyeva, L. N. Rogaleva, & A. E. Tlebaldina. (2019). CHARACTERISTICS OF MOTIVATION IN THE SELLERS’ PROFESSION. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (4), 192–200. извлечено от