• R. Aetdinova
  • Maslova Irina
  • Niyazbekova Shakizada
  • Zhakiyanova Zhanna
  • Saparova Botagoz

Ключевые слова:

risk, education, modernization of education, challenges.


The article justifies for the need to identify and to keep track, in practice, of different groups of risks
inherent in educational institutions under current conditions of pandemic and post-pandemic transformation of
education under the influence of modern world uncertainty. Transformation of education functions in the epoch of
digital economy changes the content and types of risks concomitant to the activities carried out by schools. Schools
belong to the most conservative types of organizations. However, the environment in which schools operate is
constantly changing. An educational institution, as any enterprise, has to engage in the activity aimed at risk
management. Manifestation of the risk is, on the one hand, fraught with threats and damage, on the other hand, with
opportunities. Assessment of possible threats and risks allows timely projection of undesirable results, creation of a
system for situational response to unforeseen circumstances and, in the final analysis, formulation of a strategy for
development of the university which would allow achievement of modern high quality education, its fundamentality
and conformity to important topical requirements of the personality, society and state. Causes of developing risks
characteristic of educational institutions are disclosed. External and internal risks characteristic of educational
institutions, sources generating them and the importance of managing them are analyzed.
The analysis of risks made reveals multi-varied threats and opportunities in the external and internal environment of the institution and their ability to have a significant effect on educational, organizational and financial
activities of the schools.


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R. Aetdinova, Maslova Irina, Niyazbekova Shakizada, Zhakiyanova Zhanna, & Saparova Botagoz. (2021). RISKS OF THE EDUCATION. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (2), 44–49. извлечено от https://journals.nauka-nanrk.kz/bulletin-science/article/view/153

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