• Pertiwi D. P.
  • Sudrajat A.
  • Kumalasari D
  • Retnawati H.
  • Waspada S. P.
  • Dossayeva S. K.
  • Kassymova G. K

Ключевые слова:

feminism, female position, Islam, Al-Qur’an, perspective, moslems, woman and man


It is a literature review article about feminism. Authors collected information from various international databases. This study using descriptive scientific method that aims to analyze a phenomenon as thoroughly and
as what it is. Feminism is a concept and its fundamentals based on placing women as victims of the patriarchial
culture. Patriarchial Culture is known for the dominant figure of men, or father in wide variety of aspects. This
domination of men leads to women’s loss in their rights and in some case, they even treated as an object of oppression. Even though women are sharing the same purpose to struggle for their rights, in its development women are
using different way and methods. This is the reason why today’s feminism consisted of several groups of movement.
Islam is a religion of justice and equality. Islam sees both men and women as equal in their rights although they have
their different role and task according to their nature. Both men and women have an equal position below the God’s
will, which differs them by their attitude and behavior in their lives. There are many moslem feminist criticize the
patriarchy system in the society through their writings and movements. They also criticize the interpretation of
Al-Qur’an verse and mysoginist hadiths, which brought up the assumption that patriarchy comes from Islam. The
figures that will be mentioned in this article are Qasim Amin, Amina Wadud, and Fatima Mernissi. Feminism in
modern times no longer pursue for democration rights, but more about woman emancipation in every aspect of life.


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Pertiwi D. P., Sudrajat A., Kumalasari D, Retnawati H., Waspada S. P., Dossayeva S. K., & Kassymova G. K. (2019). GENDER EQUALITY IN FEMINISM. Научный журнал «Вестник НАН РК», (5), 112–121. извлечено от