• Primzharova K.
  • Beimbetova А.
  • Abdrashev J.

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company efficiency, profitability, investment project, return on investment, competition, costs, production, factors, business activity, company strategy, negative impact, result of development, systematic assessment, factors.


At the current stage of Kazakhstan development, the competitiveness of companies and the relevance
of their future activities are based primarily on the efficiency of their work.
Efficiency is the basic factor of company’s financial attractiveness for external investors, as well as for the
owners of the business. Thus, it is very important to assess the effectiveness of the company in all stages of lifecycle,
in the present, past and future.
The article focuses on the methodology for assessing the efficiency of the company, as well as provides
methodological recommendations for assessing the economic efficiency of the company in modern business
conditions. Studying the questions of the essence, the main forms of performance indicators of the enterprise as an
economic category. Looking for the methodology of generalization of modern approaches to the problem, finding the
features of assessing the economic efficiency of the enterprise, developing proposals to improve the economic
efficiency of the company.
One of the main challenges of the economy is the increasing efficiency of production and business activity. The
economic efficiency of the company depends on the best way of using all types of resources and their structure,
which is involved in various production factors.
In the system of social efficiency, the economic efficiency is determined by total production efficiency on both
micro and macro-levels.
On the macro-level, total production efficiency is expressed by economic efficiency of different sectors and
national economy in general. On the micro-level by the efficiency of business entities and their divisions. In order to
get sufficient results of economic efficiency assessment it is important to have systematic assessment.
Systematic assessment of economic efficiency is expressed by few factors. To evaluate it as a socio-economic
category, we have to take into account the social side. Not always economically justified production can be socially
This contradiction may occur in case of poor regulatory framework of employees’ rights protection. At the same
time, it should be noted that social and industrial aspects are mutual interrelated and affecting each other.




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Primzharova K., Beimbetova А., & Abdrashev J. (2020). METHODOLOGY OF COMPANY’S EFFICIENCY ASSESMENT . Научный журнал «Доклады НАН РК», (4), 194–205. извлечено от